HoneyDo Frequently Asked Questions

How do I host a new HoneyDo Group?

There are two flows you can take to create a HoneyDo Group. When you first install the app, if you chose to Host a HoneyDo Group you can give your new HoneyDo Group a name. Another option (after having either earlier hosted a group or joined an existing group) is to navigate to Accounts > then click on the '+' icon on the top right in the Accounts Screen. In the modal dialog that follows please select "Host".

How do I join an existing HoneyDo Group?

For a fresh install you should select the Join flow after setting up your account information and then enter in the 4 digit code that you were emailed by the host. If you do not remember the 4 digit code you will need to contact the host for it and they should be able to send you another invitation email from within the app. If you already have a HoneyDo account and want to join a different group, please navigate to Accounts and click on the '+' sign, now select Join and enter in the 4 digit code that you received in the invitation email.

Can I create a new HoneyDo Group after having hosted or joined an existing group?

Yes, absolutely. Navigate to the Accounts Screen. Then click on the '+' sign to Host a new group or Join an existing group.

Where can I find the 4 digit code to my HoneyDo Group within the app?

Navigate to Accounts > click on Edit > then click on the Group you want the 4 digit code for > In the Group Details screen you should see the name of the HoneyDo Group and underneath it you should see the 4 digit join code.

How do I delete members from my HoneyDo Group?

Navigate to Accounts > click on Edit > then click on the Group you want the 4 digit code for > In the Group Details screen you will see all the members of the group. If you are the host of the group, a simple swipe on the row for any member will enable a control to delete them from the group. Once the delete is complete, all tasks belonging to that user are now assigned to "Anyone" in the group.

Can I delete my HoneyDo Group? How?

Yes. to Delete a HoneyDo Group you must be the Host of the Group. First you need to delete all the members of the group save yourself. Once all the members of the group are deleted you will see the control to Delete the group appear on the Group Details Screen. Clicking Detail will Delete the Group for good. Please restart HoneyDo to ensure that this change has registered correctly.

How do I edit the name of the HoneyDo Group I previously created?

You need to be the Host of the Group to Edit the Group or any of its members. Navigate to Accounts > click on Edit > then click on the Group you want to edit the name for > In the Group Details screen, simply double tap the name of the Group. This should now give you edit access. Edit the text for the Group Name and save it. You're Done.

How do I add a Task?

Click on the Create New button on the Tab Bar and you will be taken to the create task screen. Here you only need to enter the Do: portion of the task. Everything else is optional.

How do I edit a Task?

Currently, the task needs to be assigned to you for you to be able to edit the task. Simply click through from any of the tasks lists and you should see the Edit control on the top right in the Tasks Details screen.

The task is assigned to me yet I cannot edit the task. Why?

We're noticing this issue with some of our users who installed an earlier version of HoneyDo (earlier than v1.46), to fix this navigate to Accounts > Settings > Account Details > here update your name, email address and password (you can choose to leave everything the same) and save this information. Now, you should be able to get past this issue of being able to Edit a task that is assigned to you.

Can I clear the due date for a task?

Yes. v1.50 of HoneyDo now allows you to clear an existing due date and save on Edit or clear a due date set by mistake when you are creating the task.

How do I delete a Task?

Swipe a task and you should see the 'Delete' control appear on the same row. Click this to delete the Task. Deletions currently are permanent

How do I add a SubTask?

Adding a subtask is easy. Click the '+' sign in the Task Details screen to add a subtask to a task. Simply click on return in the keyboard to save the subtask text that you typed or click the '+' sign once again to save the text you typed.

How do I edit a SubTask?

Double click an existing subtask to bring the text into edit mode. Once in edit mode to save the edited text simply click return on the keyboard or click the '+' sign.

How do I delete a SubTask?

Swipe a subtask and you should see the '-' control appear on the same row. Click this to delete the subtask.

How do I refresh subtasks for a task without going to the Tasks List and coming back?

Click on the refresh icon on the Subtask Header this will render all the subtasks in their latest states from the server.

How do I add an entry in my device calendar for a task?

This feature is only supported on iOS4.0 and greater. If a task is assigned to you, you should see the Alarm Control on the Tab Bar at the bottom of the Task Details View. Clicking this icon should ask you to give HoneyDo permission in Settings to add events to your calendar (you need to give us permission just once). Once you have allowed us to access your Device Default Calendar, clicking the Alarm icon will add the event with the due date and the description directly to your device's default calendar and you should see it in the Calendar app on the iPhone, iTouch and iPad. You can edit these events in the calendar app if you like and set alarms etc. If you sync your phone with a desktop the event in the calendar should have been synced with your iCal or Outlook Calendars.

If I'm on iPhone OS 3.n how do alarms work?

Alarms in the older versions of the iPhone OS are essentially notifications that the HoneyDo Server sends to the device an hour prior to the due date for the task. To create these alarm notifications, click on the Alarm icon on the Tab Bar in the Task Details screen.

Is calendar integration possible for my old iPhone OS?

No. The old SDK does not allow us to add events to the Calendar. You must upgrade to the new version of the iPhone OS (v4.0) to avail of this feature.

Can I edit the calendar entry by editing the task?

No. We do not currently support editing of the calendar entries through the HoneyDo Task Editing screens.

Do I get charged SMS rates when I send out a reply to a task?

No. All Replies/Comments, Tasks, Subtasks are always FREE. You do not need a fancy SMS plan to push any information across to your HoneyDo Group Members

To whom do the messages go?

Messages are delivered to the Assignee and the Creator respectively when you create a reply on a task that has been assigned to someone. For tasks that are assigned to Anyone, the replies to tasks get pushed to everyone in the Group.

Are they notified immediately when I send out a message?

We send out messages instantaneously. Apples push notification server is extremely good at delivering the messages in split seconds.

How do I get in touch with folks at High Five Labs?

Get in touch with us by email: support@highfivelabs.com. We try to get back to our customers within a few minutes. If we determine that email will take too long to support you or is too time consuming for you, we can call you if you leave us a number to reach you at.

I have some feature ideas, where should I submit them?

Join the discussion about specific features and changes to HoneyDo in our community driven support forum